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V6 Turbo Exhaust Manifold Kit

from $1,350.00 (inc. GST)
Shipping available to all regions in Australia and New Zealand

How To Buy

Available for VT, VX, VY Commodore, Berlina, Calais, Statesman and Monaro

For those looking to purchase individual components

  • LHS primaries manifold with flanges - $675.00
  • RHS primaries manifold with flanges - $675.00
  • 2 " Cross-over pipe with flanges - $325.00
  • Twin 2 " merge turbo mount plate - $475.00
  • 3" or 3 " dump pipe with flanges - $375.00

Purchase the complete V6 Turbo Exhaust Manifold Kit for $2,450.00 (inc. GST) and save!

After countless requests to have these manifolds available for purchase by V6 enthusiasts, we have finally done it. After the much heralded success at the 'test mule's 1/4 mile debut' FIT were swamped with enquiries about specifics on what exactly was under the bonnet of their secret weapon. Well as we now all know it was a turbo that produced the outstanding results.

Due to the influx of genuine interested V6 owners wanting to take their V6 to the next level it was decided the 'test mule' was to be taken off the road to have the manifolds copied. Yes, what you saw down the 1/4 mile is the same pipes you can now get in your engine bay. Copied pipe for pipe, bend for bend, you will get it all.

Careful planning and precision modelling were required to achieve the level of fabrication quality we at FIT were to put our name to, big bore primaries, mandrel bends, tig welds, laser cut flanges, in a no-holds barred approach to power extraction. One of the most difficult parts of the development and design process was to make sure the pipes cleared all the obstacles in the engine bay. For this type of fabrication, the original pipe work was done by the best workshop in Perth and took 4 months of the S/C test mule being off the road. Over $15,000 has gone into development of this turbo project and now we have a dedicated full scale production JIG and master fabricator to replicate the pipes for you, without the lengthy delays of leaving your car at a workshop for months on end.

In testing, these pipes produced a very respective 351.8rwhp @ 4,200rpm and around 1,800ftlbs of torque @ 3,600rpm at 14psi worth of boost. While figures of 366.2rwhp were achieved at the 18 psi boost level. Turning the boost controller further saw power figures climb close to 400rwhp, but we have not fully ascertained whether that will be a reliable power level. Whilst we are still developing the 'test mule' further, it is more to do with engine work and driveline modifications. There is no need for us to ever look at the turbo manifolds as room for improvement as they are "future proof" and we couldn't see ourselves maxing them out for a very long time.

The V6 Turbo exhaust manifolds have contributed to producing a solid 12 second vehicle with the potential for high 11's. Once you've fitted a turbo you'll find that it still drives exactly as the S/C set-up did from the factory. Fuel economy is the same, if not better for regular driving as the engine is no longer burdened with powering the supercharger. Its also super quiet, you'll have to take some mufflers out if you want to make some noise. It from a rolling start, boost comes on fast and rapid, torque is astounding. When we first drove it on 14psi it felt like the axles just wanted to snap, but we've gotten used to it now and are astounded by the strength of the factory stuff.

The pipes have been primarily designed to run a large single turbo, but we are also making the components available individually for those wanting to take their own path of fabricating a twin turbo version. You can now just purchase the pipes off the shelf and bolt them straight to your engine. All the hard work is done!! All you need do is select the size and type of turbo you want to run and join all the components together.

The hardest part will be to work out how to stop your tyres burning up!! For more information about FIT's V6 Turbo Manifold Kit, visit the FAQ section of our website

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